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Whitby Chiropractor First Visit

Welcome To Durham Chiropractic Centre

Our practice members often remark how warm and inviting our office is. We have designed it with comfort in mind promoting a blend of professionalism and warmth. You will be greeted with a smile by Stacey, who will guide you through an office tour and the initial steps to welcoming you as a new practice member. After orientation, it will be her great pleasure to introduce you to Dr. Anthony.

Comprehensive Consultation

The purpose of the consultation is for Dr. Anthony to discuss with you your health history, your health concerns, and your health goals. If upon completion of the consultation Dr. Anthony determines that Chiropractic care is likely to help you, we will proceed to the next step, which is a thorough Chiropractic assessment.

Profile photo of Stacey.


The Chiropractic Assessment

The goal of this assessment is to establish what areas of your spine and nervous system are involved and related to your health challenges. A thorough spinal and full body postural examination will be conducted. This includes strength, balance, range of motion, function tests and thermal scan. If Dr. Anthony warrants it necessary, any required diagnostic images are conveniently done on site.

This visit is completed by scheduling your report of findings and recommendations, followed by payment for any services. You can expect the duration of your first appointment to be approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. Practice members really appreciate that we explain everything in advance!