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Wellness Workshops

 speaking at a Wellness Workshop

Dr. Anthony speaking at a Wellness Workshop


Sitting on the Job – How to Stay Fit While You Sit: Learn what you can do to improve your health and prevent injuries by using the proper sitting posture. Prevention of spinal and neck injury, carpal tunnel syndrome and shoulder pain. Treatment options, exercises and stretches. Inspire your workplace to become an ergonomic environment.

Standing on the Job – Your Back to the Future: Prevention of back injury and pain, spinal care, exercises, stretches, medical treatments and natural alternatives. Create a more efficient and healthier workplace environment.

Stressed Out? Leave this session with a greater understanding of the impacts that stress has on every aspect of your life, mind, body & spirit. Equip yourself with coping strategies that will give you the upper hand on the stress demons.

Power Stretching and Ergonomics: Basic anatomy – skeleton and muscles, the effect of poor posture on the spine and skeleton, opportunity to “check a partner’s posture”, proper standing, bending, sitting, lifting, twisting techniques, exercises and stretches, poor posture and spinal discs, treatment options.

How to Harness 10 Times More Daily Energy: Discover how Chiropractic can energize your life and help you avoid the end of the day fatigue and exhaustion that so many people are dealing with.

Freedom from Headaches & Stress: Discover how to loosen the vice. Causes, statistics, alternatives, natural remedies and treatments, the standard medical approach to treatment pros and cons. Learn what multitudes of headache sufferers now know. Chiropractic can help!

Body For Life: Philosophy of health, goal setting, rewards, exercise 101, lean body building foods and nutritional strategies, muscle building principles.

Advanced Nutrition & Wellness: Want to discover the wellness revolution? Learn how adopting a wellness lifestyle will revitalize every aspect of your life. Focus on disease prevention (cancer and heart disease), the roles of antioxidants and free radicals.

Asthma, Allergies and Immune Boosting: Definitions, causes, current research, standard treatments, alternative and natural treatments, the role of nutrition.

Detoxification/Antioxidants & Cleansing: Decreasing exposure to toxins, sources of dis-ease and chemical poisons, consequences of toxicity, the detoxification process, foods to avoid, foods to consume, supplements, setting goals.

Freedom from Fibromyalgia: Recognizing symptoms, research and definitions, the medical approach, natural treatments including nutritional approaches.

Arthritis Discovery: Diagnosed with arthritis? Told you have to live with it?
Learn that alternative therapies can offer you hope in your fight against arthritis. Anatomy of joints, degeneration cycle, standard treatments pros/cons, the nutritional approach.

Overcoming Osteoporosis: Definitions, statistics, facts about calcium, medications that increase risk for osteoporosis, warning signs and symptoms, prevention.

½ Hour to Health: Discover how to increase your energy by 300% while reducing your day to day stress. Learn why an optimally functioning nervous system as well as proper posture is the key to optimal health and healing.

Maximize Your Healing Potential: An insightful look into how your body heals and how you can ensure optimal healing potential.

How to Raise a Healthy Child…Naturally: Discover why the healthiest families on the planet are under Chiropractic care.

Cognitive Support: Recognizing depression, causes of depression including environmental and physiological, antidepressants, natural alternatives, treatments.

Post Menopause Sufferers: Hormone replacement therapy, controversies regarding HRT, natural alternatives, supplementation, lifestyle changes.

Plant and Rake without the Ache: An informative workshop that will show you how to continue enjoying your garden tasks and activities without the risk of injury.

Snow Shovelling: Lift light, shovel right! Tips crucial to back pain prevention.

Pack it Light. Wear it Right!: Help students understand components of good back & spinal health. Learn how to avoid injury & pain by correctly using their backpacks.

We look forward to helping you achieve optimal health and wellness! Call for an appointment today!